Benefits and value of C4M speaking with Dr. David Robinson:

Dr. Dave Robinson is a sought-after keynote speaker – filling convention halls to small tightly focused study groups – and he brings his warm and friendly, but effective C4M coaching style to every meeting.  The content is executive level and relevant. However, the real value is in the strength of the relationship with Dr. Robinson and his wisdom and experience after giving leadership at all levels since 1966.

The coach focuses on five things:

* Clarifying your mission, vision, values and strategy.

* Finding out what you do best, doing more of it and doing it better.

* Sorting through all of your opportunities, prioritize them and focus
on those giving you the greatest return on the investment of
your time, energy and resources.

* Determining specific and strategic action steps
that help you and your team reach your
goals, execute your strategy and advance your vision.

* Achieving balance in your life while accomplishing
your personal, family and vocational goals.

His coaching involves: phone calls, texts, emails and on-site visits.

Excel on the Platform!

NOTE: Dr. Dave Robinson does not charge for his time and services, however, he does ask for a donation to our missions program. Your gifts are tax deductible.  Contact Dr. Dave Robinson’s office today and let’s talk about having Dr. Dave Robinson speak at your event!


Some of the Great Organizations that Dr. Robinson has addressed:


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